A.C. Quia (project leader), in collaboration with A.C. La Collina dei Ciliegi and APS Il Mandorlo d’Oro, association for social advancement recognized by the Italian Region Lazio – Department for Social Policies, within its statutory objectives, and in relation to the U.N. World Tourism Day – September, 27, established in 1980, which for the year 2023 has chosen the theme “Tourism & green investments”, intends to organize an event through which art can allow a global reflection on the importance of tourism as a tool for the personal, social and political growth, and global economic development. Tourism represents a key element in the United Nations “2030 Agenda” in the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In particular, the United Nations recognizes to tourism a key role for the following goals: 1 “No poverty”, 5 “Gender equality and women’s empowerment”, 8 “Decent working conditions and economic growth”, 10 “Reduction of inequalities”.

On such premise, A.C. Quia and its partners Announce the following call for artists:

“No Borders” International Art Postcards exhibition 

Art, Tourism & Green Investments


Art. 1 – Nature and purpose of the initiative

The initiative is an exhibition. Participation for artists is FREE OF CHARGE. The purpose of the initiative is to raise public awareness on the issue of sustainable and inclusive tourism.

Art. 2 – How to participate and admission of artworks

The call is open to all artists from any region of the globe.

Number of works admitted: without limits

Quia Artistic Board will not admit works of which the content and/or message is considered off topic, vulgar, offensive, discriminatory and / or derisive of cultural, gender, religious or any other differences, inciting violence and / or hatred, containing propaganda.

Art. 2.1 – Theme of the artworks

The theme of the works is: the journey, encountering the Other, the discovery of places, and my land.

Artists can represent places and people of their land or journeys, as they are or as they would like them to be. Emotions and feelings for their land, for the places they visited, for the people they met during their journeys.

Art. 2.2 – Allowed techniques

The following techniques are allowed: painting and drawing with any technique, plastic arts (to be transposed on photograph), photography, art prints and gliclée, collage, scratch book, writing (prose and poetry – in this case the text must be printed or handwritten on the front of the postcard).

Art. 2.3 – Allowed supports

“Blank” postcards suitable for the technique to be used (e.g. oil painting or watercolor paper blank postcard, photographic paper blank postcard, etc.).

The allowed size for postcards is: A6 (10.5cm x 14.8cm – 4.1 x 5.8 inch), with a minimum weight of 250GSM.

Postcards must be suitable for postage.

Art. 3 – How to create and send artworks

A. Artists intending to participate must send the postcard or postcards BY AUGUST, 31 – 2023.

B. Artists create their artworks on the front of the postcard (see image 1)

C. On the left side of the back of the postcard (see image 2) artists write the following information: name and surname, title of the work and technique, and a short message (optional). On the right side artists write the address of the recipient.

The recipient address is: QUIA APS – VIA MILANO 30 A – 00055 LADISPOLI (ROME) – ITALY

D. The artist franks and sends the postcard at his own expense.

E. Artists send their postcards by (International) postage services. Postage costs to be paid by the sender.

F. Postcards received will remain the property of Quia APS and will not be returned.

Art. 4 – Certificate of participation and official exhibition catalogue

All participating artists will receive an official certificate of participation upon request, by contacting Quia APS at

Art. 5 – Event

The exhibition will be exhibited within the international event of the Quia Festival of Arts from 22 to 24 September 2023 at Palazzo dei Principi Ruspoli in Cerveteri (Rome – Italy) and broadcast on the Quia Channel. At the discretion of Quia Association, the postcards may be further displayed in Italy and abroad in the form of independent exhibitions or within other events. 

Art. 6 – Data Protection Policy and final provisions

Each participant expressly authorizes QUIA APS to process the personal data transmitted (name, surname, country of residence and email address) for the purposes of the event “NO BORDERS”. Your email address will not be disclosed to the public. QUIA APS ensures protection of personal data received by the participants according to international Data Protection Policies. Each participant in the event donates to Quia  APS with no economic claims the postcard(s) sent for the event in question. The postcards will not be returned and will become part of the Mail Art collection of Quia Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art – Quia Association. The collection will remain on permanent display on the website The participant also authorizes with no economic claims A.C. QUIA to use the works and texts sent for the event, for the publication of the catalogue, release of the event on the website and social media, for other forms of communication and promotion of the event and for all non-commercial uses. The organizers of the exhibition have the right of final decision on anything not specified in this document. The organization reserves the right to make changes to this announcement if the need arises. Quia APS reserves the right to cancel or postpone the event for organizational reasons. Should this be the case, artists or visitors are not entitled to any form of refund regarding any expenses which may have been met in relation to the event.

By participating in the event in question, the participant gives unconditional acceptance of all the articles of this announcement.


Bozen, 13 July 2023

Quia APS President – Dott. Moreno Stracci

© All rights reserved

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